Brian James Spies
My life has been punctuated by feelings of powerlessness and an exclusion from the mainstream culture and "normal" society. This feeling stems from my experiences as a person with mental illness; however, as a result of these experiences, I am also interested in how our stories come into being, how we construct narratives based on our own bias and presumptions and how these narratives are used to marginalize those who, like myself, are excluded from their creation.

My practice allows for the content of the work to determine its formal properties. As a result, although it is aesthetically unified, I pull from many different technical processes. The aesthetic traditions that I feel most connected with rely upon banal American culture and a strong sense of minimalist conceptual discipline. It is my hope that my work opens a connection with the viewer that is visceral and strikes at a core sense of the themes of marginalization, feelings of powerlessness and allusions to childhood trauma which are at the core of the work for me.

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