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A series of 3 large format photographic self portraits addressing how self perception and our perception of how others perceive us informs our sense of individual and collective identity. What is an outsider? How does this feeling of being outside become contradicted and informed by one's lived experiences. What does it mean to be outside of the mainstream in a culture that is so individualized to begin with? How much does how we perceive others' perception of us determine our identity and thus the decisions we make and the life we lead? For myself, I've always felt like, due in large part to my size, a sort of alien or golem, these portraits seek to crystallize how I see others seeing me so I can answer the question, what am I, how am I seen, and why does it matter?

Alien (Diptych)
Silver Gelatin Prints, Paper, Frames
60 x 24 inches
Alien (Triptych)
Silver Gelatin Prints, Paper, Frames
96 x 21 inches